Binaural Beats Healing

Binaural Beats Healing With Delta Brainwaves

Binaural Beats Healing is very much possible. Delta brainwaves are associated with the bodies deep healing mechanisms, so in using Delta Binaural Beats you aid your body to activate that healing capability more easily. That said because they are in the deepest realms of brain waves they can be some of the trickiest to access, hence the use of brainwave entrainment to help you.

This type of state is usually reached in the deepest states of unconsciousness and sleep. In a waking state it is incredibly difficult to access unless you are a very adept practitioner of meditation. That said, getting into the state within sleep can be a rarity for many too, especially with the way modern life is.

Why Use Delta Binaural Beats For Healing?

To access the type of brain waves required within sleep you need to be in a totally dark room, pitch black, zero light. In total silence, without even a slight trace of background noise. So basically a room that is completely sound proof and sealed against light. Even then if your mind is over active you may have difficulty getting into Delta brainwaves.

This is why Binaural Beats Healing with Delta brainwaves is a good thing for you. You can bypass the challenges of the solitary approach. By using brainwave entrainment you can literally train your brain to access the required state with relative ease.

Once you access the Delta mindset your body naturally shifts into the healing mode that is synonimous with it. Your body has a natural rhythm. Once you tap into it amazing things happen. It is the same with the other Binaural Beats activated states, each of them are a natural rhythm of the body which is unlocked with the aid of brainwave entrainment.

One of the major things that this form of healing has been associated with is trauma recovery. Largely to do with activating repair of the adrenal glands following the type of situations that lead to things like PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

To What Extent Can Binaural Beats Aid Recovery From PTSD?

The scientific evidence is thin on the ground at the moment, though there are increasing number of small scale studies being performed. The majority of the healing here does involve the adrenal glands as mentioned above.

When a person goes through the type of event that causes PTSD their adrenal glands effectively go into shock due to the loading on them. This causes issues with their functionality and how they release adrenaline into the body afterwards. It becomes far less reliable than before, which leads to various issues mentally and physically.

In terms of the mental and emotional side of things there is still much proof needed. Up until a few years ago there were very few test subjects as PTSD was relatively uncommon. Due to the recent level of conflict around the world though there has been an increase in the number of people with the condition. As such wider studies have become possible.

Some people have faired well, others have had less tangible results. So whilst Delta brainwaves are understood to hold associations with the bodies recovery and healing states, little empirical evidence is available to demonstrate their effectiveness. That said the few studies that have emerged have shown good things.

The influence of music and music therapy on pain-induced neuronal oscillations measured by magnetencephalography.

“Modern forms of music therapy are clinically established for various therapeutic or rehabilitative goals, especially in the treatment of chronic pain. However, little is known about the neuronal mechanisms that underlie pain modulation by music. Therefore, we attempted to characterize the effects of music therapy on pain perception by comparing the effects of 2 different therapeutic concepts, referred to as receptive and entrainment methods, on cortical activity recorded by magnetencephalography in combination with laser heat pain. Listening to preferred music within the receptive method yielded a significant reduction of pain ratings associated with a significant power reduction of delta-band activity in the cingulate gyrus, which suggests that participants displaced their focus of attention away from the pain stimulus.”

Hauck M, Metzner S, Rohlffs F, Lorenz J, Engel AK.

Department of Neurophysiology and Pathophysiology, University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Hamburg, Germany.

Report at

Achieving Balance Through Homeostasis And Theta Brain Waves

A slightly different option which is given by SurgingLife is the option for healing via the state of homeostasis, for which they have specially developed a piece of music using theta that has been optimised to bring the listener into a very specific state which balances their body and mind. The feedback visible around the web, much via facebook, is incredibly positive. The “Homeostasis – Music for Relaxation And Restoration” has been noted as having a very strong effect on listeners, with stress fading away with ease, something that SurgingLife believes is a key point in healing. The CD is available on Amazon and is highly recommended for the effects it brings through sessions of relaxation and also through meditation if you practice. You can get this amazing healing and mind relaxing music here.

Will Delta Brainwave Entrainment Do Everything For You?

These brain waves can helping healing on all levels. Are they your one stop shop for all healing? Possibly not, they will help though. Anything which helps you to achieve the deep states of relaxation and stress relief possible in Delta is going to help you on various levels. Consulting your Doctor when it comes to anything healing related is always advised.

So if you want to add an extra tool to help you heal yourself then go through to the Binaural Beats Healing Download and give yourself a helpful boost.