Gamma Binaural Beats

Gamma Binaural Beats Access Hyper Alertness

Gamma Binaural Beats get you into the state of being Hyper Alert where perception, consciousness and problem solving shift into high gear. This is beyond peak mental activity, this is very very high energy. Gamma brainwaves are the ones accessed when you really have to know everything going on around you, they are often accessed in a state of fear. Though they are also accessed by those who practice meditation long term. They are for those who want a grasp on everything that is happening in totality.

Gamma brain waves are defined by the 30 to 100 Hz range, they are the highest of the brainwave frequencies, with the lower ones being progressively more relaxed. These Gamma brainwaves are usually only accessed for very short periods of time by people, unless they are experienced meditators who work with them very differently.

Whilst the lower brainwave frequencies of Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta have very noticable applications, the applications of Gamma are in some ways more restricted. The levels of high perception and consciousness attained in Gamma are often used within the “fight or flight” response, where comprehension shifts into the realms of intuition.

Gamma binaural beats then are really for those who wish to put themselves in a position of high comprehension. A state where they can look at and assess a wide selection of things, huge amount of data, complex patterns and events, and piece together meaning from it. Be that for developing strategies, reactionary plans, theories or whatever. These are the type of frequencies that can raise the mind to a point where you can look from the top down and assess massive amounts of information.

Gamma Binaural Beats Are Intense

They raise your brain up to a very high level of activity. For this reason it is strongly advisable to only use them for short periods each day, and to balance them off with relaxation. The deeper the relaxation you can balance them off with the better. Your mind is racing when you are in Gamma state. Energy, neurons and synapses are firing off at their highest rates. So relaxation, rest and adjustment is incredibly wise after being in this state.

That said if you are facing situations where you would like to have a much wider ability to take in, process and absorb events, data and other things then Gamma brainwaves can be useful. Especially if you are using them as an initial step. Absorb everything in Gamma, then proceed to Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta even, in order to develop even more solid courses of action and strategies.

So if this sounds like it would be useful to you then go to the Gamma Binaural Beats Download page and see what can help you.