Thank You For Your Purchase

Thank You For Your Purchase!

Thank you for choosing NeuralEnhancer.Com to help you get with the resources you need. As well as for  investing in yourself and brightening your own world.

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In the unlikely event that you have any issues, please do contact us ASAP via email [info (at) Neural Enhancer (dot) Com] in reply to your receipt and we will sort things out as quickly as possible.

Occasionally payment verification delays occur with Paypal. As soon as verification is complete Paypal sends a release code and then you will have your purchases.

Practicing daily is highly recommended for the first 30 days. Switching to different ones as your mood shifts is totally OK. Keeping to 2 different tracks per day. I do strongly recommend daily practice with any track that you are using to install a new behavior or resource set.

Also a maximum of 2 hours usage per day in total is advised for all Binaural Beats tracks. Your brain needs time to process, adjust and rest. Allowing it that time will yield you optimum results.

Practicing daily brings you astounding results. You move to a clearer freer point of living. This has the effect of then rippling through your life. Positive effects develop through everything touched, especially with your health.

You will notice over time that these effects grow too. Deeper levels of fulfillment also get reached. Something which of course feels truly good, and will have you reaching out for other positive things more easily as well.

Such things most certainly includes the achievement of your dreams. You do truly have the divine rite to achieve them. Our dreams are different in varying ways. Yet in the end the product of them is in many ways the same. As in they all come to one thing, happiness. That is something that you are entitled to as a birth rite.

So use your mp3 tracks daily. Incorporate the new behaviors into your life that you wish to use. Then you will achieve your dreams.

So enjoy your purchases. Enjoy the effects they bring you. Relax whenever and wherever it is possible for you to do so.

If you are open to doing so then please send some feedback about your purchase via email!

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Thank you again.