What Are Binaural Beats?

What Are Binaural Beats?

What Are Binaural Beats? They are a highly efficient and effective way to get your mind yielding good results fast. They are also very easy to use. As well as being simple by nature. They are just specific frequencies of sound, which as you listen to them bring about changes in your thinking and feeling.

The discovery responsible for this amazing technology was made in 1665 by Dutch scientist Christian Huygens. A physicist by profession, he made the observation that in a room containing multiple clocks, and irrespective of how in or out of sync they were initially. All pendulums do eventually synchronize. As such creating a harmonic rhythm. This tendency for natural synchronization he termed as “entrainment“.

This naturally occurring phenomenon, “entrainment”, is so precise, that it is unable to be matched by technology and machines. Even if you used the most technologically advanced machines, you would still have variation, and fall short of getting them synchronized as effectively. Though the natural process would of course take over and complete the synchronization process.

How Does Entrainment Make Binaural Beats Useful To You?

In short, your brain undergoes the same entrainment response naturally. Your mind responds to frequency shifts around you, or external rhythmic stimuli, be they from music or other repetitive sounds. This leads to frequency shifts with your brainwaves, until that is the point of synchronization is reached. Which it will be due to the natural phenomenom of “entrainment”.

This natural occurence is known as Frequency Following Response (FFR). Binaural Beats, along with other Brainwave Entrainment technology, work by applying this natural phenomenon. Using it to guide you, and your mind, into whatever state of mind you desire. All of which is accomplished by listening to various sounds and music that have been carefully created, and adapted. Does listening to a sound track that helps you get the results you wish for sound good?

So how does the technology work? How are these special sounds created? The technology is comprised of certain key things, partly in terms of frequencies which are used in order to activate states within your mind. To establish a binaural beat two different, yet similar, frequencies are played at the same time. In doing so they produce a third frequency.

For example, let’s say you play a sound at pitched at 270 Hz in one ear. Whilst in the other you play another sound at 280 Hz. The difference is 10Hz and causes your mind to produce a 10 Hz wave internally as it rationalised the difference of the two closely related sounds. In turn this 10Hz wave causes the entrained brain to achieve a state of wakeful relaxing brainwaves.

As an important note, because these sounds require different frequencies to be heard in different ears so as to create the effects, headphones must be used. Check the two tracks below to hear the difference between pure Binaural Betas without music, and another set with music.

The different frequencies yielded up by frequency differences all relate to specific types of brainwaves. Be those Beta, Alpha, Theta or Delta. With each brainwave corresponding to specific states that occur within the mind. Now you know the answer to “What Are Binaural Beats?” find out what Binaural Beats Frequencies are used.