What Are Binaural Beats Frequencies?

What Are Binaural Beats Frequencies?

Binaural Beats Frequencies are found across a spectrum of generally 5 bands. The following information will help you in deciding which of these are most useful to yourself so that you can decide which binaural beats download mp3 tracks are best for you.

Gamma waves

Frequency range 30-100Hz. Associations; higher mental activity, including perception, problem solving, fear, and consciousness. When in a Gamma state the brain goes into a state known as hyper alert. Interestingly, whilst unpleasant for some people, this range is often found occurring at high levels naturally within long term practitioners of meditation, who can operate there in a relaxed and emotion free manner. Gamma waves have also been linked to improved abilities in terms of intuition.

Beta waves

Frequency range 13-30Hz. Associations; being active, busy or in a state of anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognition, and or paranoia. Beta waves generate a wide awake state, along with strong sensory motor awareness. Enabling you to channel your focused, alert state into learning fresh information much faster than usual. Whilst also enabling greater analytical thinking. Beta yields the peak mental and physical performance range. However, unless you can focus effectively and have good concentration, stress and anxiety can come through as negative aspects of Beta.

Alpha waves

Frequency range 8-13Hz. Associations; states of relaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-awake drowsiness, REM sleep, Dreams. This also brings them into the realms of lighter states of meditation, along with positive thinking and creative problem solving. The mood of the person becomes elevated. Feelings of stress relief join the persons enhanced state of creativity. There is also a belief that in this state the conscious and unconscious minds become bridged. On top of all this, Alpha waves bring the state of super learning.

Theta waves

Frequency range 4-8Hz. Associations; deep meditation/relaxation, NREM sleep and reduced need for sleep, lucid dreaming, improved learning ability. In Theta you are set for for strong creative inspiration, and enjoy enhanced visualisation powers. Your perception of inner peace is amplified. Your general sense of well-being is elevated too. For anyone doing things like energy healing it is an important mind state. This is partly due to the enhanced states of inner wisdom and intuition. Profound stress relief is also achieved with Theta waves.

Delta waves

Frequency range 0.6-4Hz. Associations; Deep dreamless sleep, loss of bodily awareness. Delta waves bring enhanced physical healing and and improved ability to recuperate too. In addition to this, healing occurring within the limbic system in Delta is believed by many to have positive effects on PTSD. Additionally Delta waves aid others with recovery from other types of trauma, bringing deep healing on mental and emotional levels as the opportunity to resolve issues there becomes possible. Delta waves also influence physical healing in a positive way, partially due to the resolutions achieved on emotional and mental levels. This state brings inner growth too, along with expanding wisdom, useful benefits for anyone doing meditation work.

Each brainwave type brings progressively deeper levels of trance. With alpha waves you are taken into a light trance, going progressively deeper with beta then theta. Whilst with Delta waves you are in the deepest state of trance that is possible to achieve.

Getting Help From The Various Binaural Beats Frequencies

These frequencies are used to yield the mental states that you seek. Some binaural beats mp3 tracks use individual types of beats, such as the Deep Alpha Playground, whilst others make use of combinations, creating a cocktail of frequencies, to help you achieve the results that you desire. Whilst it is nice to know what each of the different brainwaves do, the most important thing is knowing what you want to achieve, then picking out the right track or tracks to help you achieve what you desire.

So having gained an understanding as to how you can achieve quality results through brainwave entrainment and binaural beats frequencies, check out the various binaural beats options on the front page.